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Life at The Arbor B&B-A Short Movie Treatment

July 20-23, 2017

Thursday: One of the hottest days of summer.

Must bake early. Banana bread in the oven by 7:30. Big batch of granola by 8:30.

All flowers freshened in vases. Glorious hydrangea colors this year.

Cut to: Rosendale bus depot. First guest arriving for Bridal Shower weekend.

Friday: Leaving guests on their own and heading to Bard College. Jazz singer Lisa Fischer in concert at Spiegeltent venue.

Saturday: Breakfast over at 10:00. Guests coming and going; a revolving door. Much like a French Farce.

Cut to: Kingston waterfront. Bridal group taking a dinner sail on the Hudson.

Sunday: Lemon pancakes and handpicked berries for breakfast. A walk and a browse through the High Falls Flea Market. Then a dip in the local swimming hole.

2:45 and the group boards a bus back to NYC.

Fade out.

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